Thursday, July 31, 2008

A New Direction for Julie!

Well, I have waited to make sure Julie has contacted everyone before sharing her big news here on my blog. Being the proud Big Sista that I am, I just had to share her exciting news. Julie finally got accepted to her life long dream. She is leaving for the next step in her career on Sunday at 9:00am. She has been packing all the clothes and items that she will need for the next six months in Saskatchewan.(Most of them being fall and winter months.) I am sure when she comes back, she is going to have a new appreciation for the wonderful mild Vancouver winters we have!

I am going to miss not having her around here to spend time with, and be my fashion consultant or cordinator. So, in the past week and half, I have been trying to complete my final design project, as well as spend as much possible quality time with my Lil'sista. She is going to grow so much from this opportunity, and it has been a life long dream to join.

Today was her swearing in ceremony. Here are a couple of pictures. One with Julie and her proud parents. And one of me and Julie. The proud Big Sista!

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