Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gorgeous Deck and Great Bargains Too!

Phew. I have been on the go since I woke up at 9:30 this morning. I had a lot of errands to do today. But, it all started with my trip last night to the Superstore. I had dinner with Mom and Dad, and Mom suggested we should go and check out the half price summer stuff. I thought sure why not. Afterall, that is where I found my sun deck chairs and small table when I first moved to my place. I didn't anticipate finding anything, but it is always fun to go and look. Well, I fell in love with this little water fountain. It was on sale as part of there summer clearance. However, there were no boxed ones left. So, I ended up asking the customer sercice if they had anymore in stock. But, they didn' unfortunately. So, they said that I could have the store model for half price. I thought that was fair. But, then I went to the cashier and I got half price of the half price. It was a EXTREMELY good deal. I was very excited! The first thing that came to my mind and my Mom's as well, was that Ikea commercial where the girl comes running out calling "Start the Car" "Honey, Start the Car". I had a very good laugh anyways.

That leads to all my errands today. I needed to scrub down my deck, as I had not cleaned it this year yet. That took a good two hours, and then I had to find a cute place for the fountain. Well, I found it, but then I needed an electrical cord. I also had to find a place for the big flower pot I had a flower in it that died. So, anyways, I took that to Mom and Dad's. Then I stopped at Canadian Tire to look for some flowers for my sun deck for my smaller pot. Well, I settled for a hanging basket that was marked 19.99. The sign said 50% off. But, when I got to the till it was 50% off the 50% off. So, I got home, and set up the fountain and the flowers in the flower pot, and now my deck is complete. It looks fabulous. However, I have't done a stitch of homework, and the inside of my house needs work, so I better get back to work.


Migzy said...

Nice deck and furniture!!

Anonymous said...

looks good!!!

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