Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fell off Wagon for few moments!

Well, I fell off the wagon this past weekend. When I went and visited a new stamping and scrapbook story in Port Moody called Cherish. It is an adorable little story with friendly service, and lots of supplies that I have never seen in a regular store. The first one being these rollergraph stamps. I thought they were exclusive to Stampin Up, the Tupperware Party version of rubber stamping. So, I was unable to get these anywhere. Until now! But, then I saw them. I couldn't resist. Andrei was there with me, as this visit was unexpected, and he encouraged me to get them. So, I did. It's all his fault! Teeheee! I was hoping I could right them off as a wedding expense, but it doesn't look like it at this point. There is stil hope yet!

However, while working on my final project, I have been taking little play breaks in my scraproom. I am still in the process of reorganizing! Yes, AGAIN! Some supplies just aren't in a convient place, and they cause me to not put them away properly, and the mess gets overwhelming. I can see the floor now, and some of my counter, so it is coming. The biggest mess was all the scraps left over from the card boxes that I have made. So, I took all those supplies, and turned them into card kits. These will be easy to access when I only have 15 minutes, here and there to play. I also completed a card, and my Twinchies for the black and white swap I am hosting. All the supplies used for the card, and the twinchies, were scraps. It is amazing what you can create when I am forcing myself to look at my existing tools in new ways!

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