Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Card Making

I am still enjoying my summer holidays. It feels good to have some good nights of sleep behind me. This wasn't always the case in the last month of school while juggling work, school, and life. I am enjoying the heat wave, and have had lots of opportunity go get outside and enjoy the weather. However, it is the nights that are the worst here in my apartment! It is hot hot hot, (I think that is how the song goes). It is very difficult to sleep!

Today, I took a day off from homework. However, until the end of July I don't think I will have many of those days to take off. But, I did put the time to good use! No, I didn't clean up my scraproom like I intended. I played in my scraproom instead. I had so many part projects on the fo, that I thought it would be best to finish those up and then start the clean up process. It is coming along, and I have been doing a bit of organizing as I go too! Got keep finding room for all the goodies I acquire.

However, I am now on the NO BUYING anything scrap realted for a while. The closing of the local scrapbook store Remember Me Scrapbooking will be a big help with this. I found out about a week and a half, that my favorite scrapbooking store is closing forever. To be honest, I had a feeling that this was coming. The service hadn't been like it was originally was for quite some time. The product that they were carrying was not as new and up with the latest trends either. Well, it turns out the owner has been battling breast cancer. She is regrouping, and focussing on what is importatant her family. There still is Micheals and another local scrapbook store that I could visit in a pinch. But, for now I am just going to play with the goodies I have, and as many of you know. There are a lot of them!

Through the Canadian Scrap and Swap, I participated in a Stamp Image swap. This was a fantastic idea because I was able to acquire some stamp images without spending a ton of money on stamps. However, storage of all the swap items that I have obtained is getting quite challenging as well, so I am now trying to use some of these goodies with the cards that I am making. It is a good way to use them.

Here are four cards that I made using one of the images from the image swap. I also made four other cards that are the exact same. I was also working on that card box project that I posted on my blog a month or so ago. It is coming a long quite nicely. I think I am going to give as a birthday present, as there are quite a few upcoming birthdays in the next little while. Now, that I made one the rest will be simple.

Here are the cards that I made:

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