Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chinese New Year 2006

Well, it has been a while since I have posted on here. I guess I was just getting caught up in the exciting momments in life that I haven't taken the time to sit down here at my computer and debrief whats new.

First off, I have to say how pleased I am at ensuring that I am meeting my New Year's Resolutions. It is hard to believe that really taking care of myself, and the time/hours that I devote to work in turn can allow me to be more productive with my time.

This weekend was very busy, but fun. I had my Scrapbook Night on Friday with my Best Friend Sara. I met a new friend for lunch on Saturady, and I had a great time. I particulary enjoyed the wrap up with my friends Tara and Julia. It is so great to have these wonderful friends who are so supportive of my trials and tribulations of being a single female, and listening to the experiences that one encounters. Thanks Girls!

My movie night witht the Girls was on Saturday as well. However, we had such a good time socializing, fondueing, and doing tarot card readings, that we never got around to watching the Movie until 1:00. Well, I wasn't able to stay and watch it or I would have passed out, which was unfortunate because I was really looking forward to using our new book to document our movie parties.

Finally, today I had another wonderful afternoon with my Aunt and Uncle, Shirley and Dinno. We met at the New West Quay to see the dragon dancers for Chinese New Year. It was a little late starting but it was quite interesting to watch. They hung lettuce and red envelopes all around the Quay and the dragons would come and take the lettuce and the money envelopes throughout the whole place. There was drumming and a parade through the Quay.

Then we ended the day with a delicous take out Chinese Food Dinner from Hon's in New West and a Yummy Rasberry and Peach Pie from the bakery at the Quay. We returned to their home to spend time with my cousin as well. I am so appreciative of the effor my Aunt and Uncle go through to spend time with us, and how they spoil us dearly when we spend time with them.

We had a good laugh when we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. There are so many great parts in that movie. So, all in all it was a fun weekend.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Tidy Scrap Room

Well, I had a very lovely weekend. I had a good balance of cleaning, visiting, socializing, and scrapbooking. I even took the time to tidy up my scrap area. Since I have been using it quite a bit this week and weekend. I decided that it needed freshing up before I started my new set of pages for this week. I took some pictures of it, as I am so proud of this room. I was looking at some earlier pictures I had of my scrap area when I was living at home, and this really is my dream space! I love it! My next project is going to be to create a collage of scrap items and items that represent me and frame it in one of those cool IKEA floating frames. I am just trying to figure out what to put in it and how to arrange it. I will post it when I am finished it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Year's Resolution Update

Well, I have been trying very hard to work on my New Year's Resolution this New Year! My plan has been to leave work early at least one day a week. I wanted to use this time for stress free time from work. Friday I was able to leave early from work and unwound with a group of friends at RR. Today, I was able to leave early as well! I left at 3:45 today. I was able to get caught up with my day time soap: Days of our Lives. I puttered around the house and then went down to the gym and worked out on the treadmill for half an hour, and had a refreshing shower. I then watched a movie on T.V. and painted my nails. It is amazing what a R&R time does for the body, mind, and spirit. I feel very refreshed and ready for bed. I am sure this will allow me to be much more focussed and together with my class tomorrow in the long run. It was worth it! Now, tomorrow, I want to leave by 4:30, and only make Thursday nights my late night!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Scrappin Day with Lisa

Well, today was my scrapbook day with my cousin Lisa. She came over to my house at about 1:00p.m and we scrapped until about 5:30. I completed five pages today. Here is my favourite layout of the day. There was a challenge on Two Peas today that I thought that I would try we had to select a layout to scraplift and give us inspiration. Although I scraplifted the layout of another person. I made it my own with the colours that I used. It took some time to figure how to post it onto the site because it didn't work. But, I figured out and even got some praise on it today. Here is the original post on two peas.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My First Altered Journal

Hey I just wanted to show everyone my first altered journal. This was the idea that I had after I did my first post here on my blog Scrappin and Happy. I made this for our Girls Only Movie Night. We each take turns hosting the party. The hostess choses the movie and cooks the main meal. The rest of us brings a bottle of wine and a salad or dessert. We then rate each movie and discuss how it is related to the other movies or lives, etc. It is a lot of fun. We wanted to record these ideas down. But, I just couldn't have a simple book with hardly anything on it. Therefore, I took a compostion book and changed the looks of it with paper, stamps, stickers and embelishments. This is how it turned out. I then have found pictures of our movies and posted them on one page, and we can use the opposite side to record our movie reviews in it. It was very fun to make.

I have since made an altered for my friend Tara for a birthday present and am now thinking that I want to make one for myself.

I also posted this layout on Two Peas in A Bucket. The link below is the picture of it and the comments I received from the book from an online community of scrap addicts, (I mean scrapbookers). ;-)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Thank Goodness it is Friday!

Wow! My first Friday of the New Year and I am absolutely exhausted. It feels like it is all I can do to walk around! It was only a four day work week, but by the way I feel tonight it feels like this week was much longer. It was good to be back at work, and the students were all excited to be back as well! It is funny how we all miss being in some sort of routine at points! I was able to meet my New Year's resolution today! I left work at 3:30 today! I met with some friends for some R&R at Rivers Reach. I had a refreshing glass of ice tea and some yummy half price appies. It is a great way to unwind from a busy week! This school year, and the New Year in general I am really recognizing the importance of some down time to myself!

I am looking forward to a great weekend! My sister is coming over for dinner tonight. I am going to make stirfry, but I am sure she will talk me into take out. We will catch up and watch a movie. Tomorrow, I am going to meet a friend and plan our math program for the year! I know that this doesn't sound like fun, but I think it will make me feel much better about the up and coming term! Sunday, I am having my cousin over to scrapbook! I will post some of my pages if I can on my blog, and most definitely on two peas!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

My New Year's Resolution

Good-bye 2005 and hello 2006! I can't belive another year has come and gone. I had a lot of big changes in 2005. The first being I moved out on my own in June and bought my first place. I became as Destiny's child wrote a song about us girls an "Independent Women". The next being I received my continuing teaching contract in New Westminister. I will be guaranteed a job every year now in my school district! Yipee!

Now the New year is upon me, and am really excited as to what I will experience at the end of this year! What "BIG" changes will happen or what new things do I have to look forward to this year! Tradition has it that I always set New Year's Resoulutions. I try to make manegeable and attainable ones, as it is so easy to not do. Last year, I set a few and I did a good job with maintaining these resoulutions, so it is onto a new set of resoulutions.

1.) Keep my Scraproom Better Organized as I am working on projects,in hopes that I will do more projects.

2.)Leave work early a minimum of one day a week, and use that time to be active at the gym and creative in my scrap space.

3.) Don't sweat the small stuff. (At work and in my personal life) As, I learned last night on the eve of the New Year, everything works out in the end.
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