Sunday, January 08, 2006

Scrappin Day with Lisa

Well, today was my scrapbook day with my cousin Lisa. She came over to my house at about 1:00p.m and we scrapped until about 5:30. I completed five pages today. Here is my favourite layout of the day. There was a challenge on Two Peas today that I thought that I would try we had to select a layout to scraplift and give us inspiration. Although I scraplifted the layout of another person. I made it my own with the colours that I used. It took some time to figure how to post it onto the site because it didn't work. But, I figured out and even got some praise on it today. Here is the original post on two peas.


strawberrygirl said...

Looks great Rach! I love seeing your work, it is really inspiring.

I would like to commission you to do a journal for me. I would like a Vegan journal that I could write in for what I am eating daily, recipes, products I like, etc. Think you could take it on?

scrapea&happy said...

Sure,I would love to make you a Vegan journal. What kind of theme would you like for this journal! Greens for vegan or purple let me know I will create something especially for you!

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