Sunday, August 30, 2009

DIY Tulle Bows -- Gorgeous

Well, I thought I would post pictures fo the Tulle Bows that were made for my wedding. I found inspiration from this picture on the web. However, I wanted to have my favourite flower Hydrangeas put into the mix. These pew bows believe it or not cost the same as one box from Micheals craft store that only had 6 bows in a box. These are way more beautiful than those satin bows, and we had 24 of them. They lined the aisle of the church beautifully! Being crafty and from a family of DYI's this wan't really a difficult project to do. Especially if you give yourself enough time to make it.

Materials Used:
Three Rolls of Tulle
24 artificial hydrageas (didn't have to worry about wilting)
Green Glittered sticks
Curly Florist twigs in gold and silver
Ribbon for wrapping presents (it curled great)
wire to wrap the bows to the pews

I was very happy with the resutls

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. are home from their Honeymoon!

I have so many different blog posts to get caught up on...I am almost overwhelmed and don't knnow where to begin. I still haven't posted pictures from the fabulous wedding shower that was thrown by my cousin Lisa and Aunt Shirley. I haven't posted pictures of the rehearsal dinner, nor have I posted pictures from the wedding. There are lots to chose from.

We paid for a profesional photographer, but will not be receiving their photos until about mid September. But, we had a family friend Larry Parks take pictures. He did all the getting ready shots. Which was great to have, as well as photograpphs throughtout the wedding day. My Uncle Carl took some fabulous photographs as well. My cousin Lisa also took about 600 picutres. So, right now we aren't short of pictures. All of these pictures turned out great, and I just can't wait until we receive the professional photographs from our photographer.

The Honeymoon to Cancun was fabulous. Two whole weeks was just what we both needed. The pools were our best friend. I was amazed at how quickly I adjusted to the humidity. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. To be honest, at times...I thought th air conditioning was too cold. There are a lot of memories to share about the honeymoon, but I can't share them all here today.

We have begun to put the wedding presents away, and get the house back in order, as the two weeks of laundry needed to be completed, and such. I look at my wedding dress and can't believe that my time with it is over. I am now wondering what I am going to do with it now. Do I keep it for sentimental reasons? Or find a way to sell it? In the next little bit I will decide what to do with it, as realistically their is value in it to someone else.

Andrei is back to work, and it seems so bizarre to be apart as we have spent so much time together over the last couple of weeks. But, at the same is great to have normalcy again, and have no coursework hanging over my head for now. I did very well once again last semester, and it is hard to believe that I am now on the home stretch for my coursework. I am looking forward to the satisfaction of completing the coursework, and closing that door as I enjoy my pay increase. Just a couple more semesters to go.

However, the beginning of Sepetember is very much upon us, and it isn't that long until I am back at work as a Mrs. Sebestyen. I am looking forward to a new school year, and working more with the SMART Board.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Honeymoon in Mexico

We are having an excellent holiday! Our wedding was fabulous! If you watch Jami Photography will be there soon. I have lots of blog posts to get caught up with when we get home. Off to the pool.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Wedding Weather Watch & Table Seating

I had to do my morning weather check, and as you can see the weather looks promising for the day. The photographer prefers overcast days, as better photographs can be taken. So the weather seems to be working out!

Time is ticking away, and so are the jobs that need to be completed! Last night was no exception. I was working on the table seating. This has been about a FIVE day project. This is no easy task to organize let me tell you! I am glad I have a Bachelor of Education and almost a Master's in Education to help me solve this puzzle. And for the record I HATE PUZZLES! The first task is trying to put people at tables that are similar. This is not an easy task because there are singles to arrange and then couples, and you can only have a table of eight because any bigger and it gets too squishy! We have Hungarians who want to sit together and then English friends to sit together. But, you want to put people together who you think will have something in common.

The second piece to the puzzle is arranging the tables at the numbers within the hall. That is a crazy thing to do because we wanted English tables and Hungarian Tables to be spread throughout the hall. Not all in one location. Best placement for everyone. Then, I had to type out the list into a chart for a poster that will be displayed as guests enter the hall to find their spot to sit, and glue these down. I am very happy that this is all complete now, as I was hoping to have all the wedding projects completed by Monday. As, I just want to relax and begin to start thinking about packing for the honeymoon. Of course, there are still wedding errands to do, they never run out. But, at least the big ones are taken care of.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Wedding Weather Watch

Now this is something that I can't control. But, it is still something that I am monitoring, so that we can make alternate arrangements if necessary. Here is the weather as of right now.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Girl's Night In -- Thank-you Card

Since the party was a lingerie themed party. I thought I would make these adorable little cards for everyone! They are made with a cricut file that I downloaded from here on the web. I saw the file a long time ago and kept it because I thought it would come in handy in the future. And...sure enough it did. They were a lot of fun to make.

Girl's Night In -- Lingerie Shower

Well, I have been meaning to post some pictures from the party, but unfortunately I had left my camera at my sister's house. So, I wasn't able to post. But, just had to show you some of the great shots from the fabulous party that Julie through for me. It was a lot of fun! Great girl talk and even a little bit of sing star!
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