Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Wedding Weather Watch & Table Seating

I had to do my morning weather check, and as you can see the weather looks promising for the day. The photographer prefers overcast days, as better photographs can be taken. So the weather seems to be working out!

Time is ticking away, and so are the jobs that need to be completed! Last night was no exception. I was working on the table seating. This has been about a FIVE day project. This is no easy task to organize let me tell you! I am glad I have a Bachelor of Education and almost a Master's in Education to help me solve this puzzle. And for the record I HATE PUZZLES! The first task is trying to put people at tables that are similar. This is not an easy task because there are singles to arrange and then couples, and you can only have a table of eight because any bigger and it gets too squishy! We have Hungarians who want to sit together and then English friends to sit together. But, you want to put people together who you think will have something in common.

The second piece to the puzzle is arranging the tables at the numbers within the hall. That is a crazy thing to do because we wanted English tables and Hungarian Tables to be spread throughout the hall. Not all in one location. Best placement for everyone. Then, I had to type out the list into a chart for a poster that will be displayed as guests enter the hall to find their spot to sit, and glue these down. I am very happy that this is all complete now, as I was hoping to have all the wedding projects completed by Monday. As, I just want to relax and begin to start thinking about packing for the honeymoon. Of course, there are still wedding errands to do, they never run out. But, at least the big ones are taken care of.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful sunshine filled day - Robin/Mow180

Ester said...

Dear Rachel,

I just wanted to wish you and your husband to be a wonderful day, enjoy your weddingday with friends and family

Love Ester

ps I look forward seeing you in October.

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