Sunday, August 30, 2009

DIY Tulle Bows -- Gorgeous

Well, I thought I would post pictures fo the Tulle Bows that were made for my wedding. I found inspiration from this picture on the web. However, I wanted to have my favourite flower Hydrangeas put into the mix. These pew bows believe it or not cost the same as one box from Micheals craft store that only had 6 bows in a box. These are way more beautiful than those satin bows, and we had 24 of them. They lined the aisle of the church beautifully! Being crafty and from a family of DYI's this wan't really a difficult project to do. Especially if you give yourself enough time to make it.

Materials Used:
Three Rolls of Tulle
24 artificial hydrageas (didn't have to worry about wilting)
Green Glittered sticks
Curly Florist twigs in gold and silver
Ribbon for wrapping presents (it curled great)
wire to wrap the bows to the pews

I was very happy with the resutls

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