Sunday, May 27, 2007

My 29th Birthday Weekend!

What a great birthday weekend! It all started on Friday May 25th, my birthday party with my family at my Mom and Dad's. We had a delicious spaghetti dinner. Then I was spoiled with birthday presents. It almost felt like Christmas to be honest. I received some wonderful gifts from everyone. The one present that I was totally surprised with was a brand new pair of roller blades from Andrei. We have been doing some rollerblading together, but it was a real struggle for me to keep up at times because my rollerblades were from 1990. They were a birthday present when I was in grade six. (Yes, they still fit) However, they were old technology, so it took a lot more work to get from one area to another. I would always get tired quicker, and they weren't that comfortable. In fact, the last time we went out down on the seawall by science world I had ankle blisters.

However, these ones are incredible to rollerblade in. It is so easy to be graceful and glide over the pavement. I don't even feel the bumpiness of the ground like I used to. I wasn't even sore. I think my blades are even better than Andrei's as we did the hill test, and I travelled farther than Andrei despite Andrei having the weight advantage. Here are some favourite photos from my birthday weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Carpets Out and Crafting

Well, I got rid of my yucky carpets yesterday. It wasn't as big of a job as I expected it to be. The most difficult part of the whole thing was the dust and moving things around. I am currently living on cement floors, but I have managed to put a blanket down in the living room area to help with the coziness in this area. If I need to move around a bit there then I can be in sock or bare feet I didn't end up purchasing the pink magazine boxes from ikea, as the measurements of these boxes are much bigger than my current ones. So, I took some pink spray paint and painted them. They look great. I am however having difficulty tracking down the paint I am after. I am looking for a plastic paint made by Krylon called Fusion. It is used to paint plastic. But, It doesn't seem to be available in stores in pink, eventhough on their website it is an available colour. Oh well, maybe I will have to wait and take a trip to the states to purchase it.

Despite the two movies I went to Shrek Three and The Ex, reorganizing my scraproom, and pulling out carpet, I had some time to scrapbook in my room. I completed off all the items for my swaps. I wanted to get them out of the way, so that I don't have to worry about them during report card season.

Here are some photos of my projects that I completed this weekend. I made five tinkerbell file folders, 10 summer file folders, and 10 Summer ATC. It was a lot of fun, and even better being in a very clean scraproom!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Decluttered Scraproom

Well, what else is there to do on a rainy day long weekend, but to reorganize a scrapping space. Lately, I have been finding that my room has had a really cluttered feel. So I wanted to eliminate this. Part of it had to with the arrival of my Cricut at Christmas time. (I love this Bug like crazy.) But, it really made my space look less streamlined. So, last weekend I took a trip to Ikea to see what they had for organization methods. I discovered some cool items, and I ended up measuring them, and then going home and taking measurements.

So Friday, I stopped off at Ikea on my way home from work, and bought two new units. One called the Goliat and the other called a Helmer. They were purchased in white, so that they match my exisiting furniture. Andrei and I put them together on Friday night. Saturday, I sorted through all my supplies and now I have what appears a larger workspace to complete projects. (I worked on this room from 1:00 in the afternoon to 6:30, and I didn' have very many breaks. I love that my computer printer is higher up, and when I am scrapping I can rest my keyboard in front of my printer to give me more space. It was a big project, but I am pleased with the results.

There are a few more things that I need to do, in order to bring the whole thing together. My theme is to match the pink dust cover I made for my Cricut. I want to buy the Pink Magazine Boxes from Ikea my items on my shelf, and I want to paint my plastic units that sit on my shelf pink. I am hoping that this will bring the entire look together. There is apparently a spray paint on the market that can be used to spray paint plastic, I checked into it, and it is available at Micheals. So, I am off to get organized, as my next project today will be tearing out the livingroom, diningroom, hallway, and den carpets to get ready for new flooring!

For now though, here are some sneek peeks.
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