Sunday, May 27, 2007

My 29th Birthday Weekend!

What a great birthday weekend! It all started on Friday May 25th, my birthday party with my family at my Mom and Dad's. We had a delicious spaghetti dinner. Then I was spoiled with birthday presents. It almost felt like Christmas to be honest. I received some wonderful gifts from everyone. The one present that I was totally surprised with was a brand new pair of roller blades from Andrei. We have been doing some rollerblading together, but it was a real struggle for me to keep up at times because my rollerblades were from 1990. They were a birthday present when I was in grade six. (Yes, they still fit) However, they were old technology, so it took a lot more work to get from one area to another. I would always get tired quicker, and they weren't that comfortable. In fact, the last time we went out down on the seawall by science world I had ankle blisters.

However, these ones are incredible to rollerblade in. It is so easy to be graceful and glide over the pavement. I don't even feel the bumpiness of the ground like I used to. I wasn't even sore. I think my blades are even better than Andrei's as we did the hill test, and I travelled farther than Andrei despite Andrei having the weight advantage. Here are some favourite photos from my birthday weekend!


strawberrygirl said...

I am so glad you had a great weekend:) Looking forward to aquafit this week. Call me anytime to go rollerblading!!!!!

mom said...

Good work out and fresh air when you are out in the great outdoors. Looks like you are having a good time. Nice pictures of the big birthday.

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