Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Wedding Invitation

My sister is getting married in September. My sister has very high end taste when it comes to wedding ideas. But, she knows that she has a DIY sister who is often able to take an idea that she has and turn it into the real thing. Well, this is what happened with these wedding invitations. She saw this pocket style wedding invitation at the wedding fair in January. She described it to me, and explained that for all the stationary and invitations it worked out to 7.00 per invitation. So....not in her budget. This is where I had to out my thinking cap on and do a little research online, as I am sure I am not the only one who has wanted to make this style. I found the information that I needed. However, I had to tweak the measurements to the brand of paper we were using! It was a little frustrating because when you are using different brands of paper they aren't always a true 12 x 12 on both edges. So, in the assembly line we had to tweak the cards! That was no fun? However we made 85 of these invitations! In different stages. We even got our Dad involved when he stuff the invitations. DIY is great as these invitations cost us only 1.85 per invitation. But, the time was a huge factor! But, she got the expensive look she wanted and my sister was very happy for the invitations.

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