Friday, August 02, 2013

Wedding Cards

I have been enjoying my free time a little, as I know there won't be much left of it soon! So, I have been spending a little bit of it in my craft studio! So much so that it is time that I clean it up! So, that I'd I do happen to have spare minutes with the baby I can do a quick project! Maybe I am naive here, but I can keep the dream right?

The first card I am posting was the one I made for my sister's couple bridal shower, but forgot to take a picture of it! I stuck with her colour theme.  The idea for the card came from my magazine idea book. I have always wanted to use that couple die cut from the Cricut Going places cartridge, but never seemed to get around to it! The heart die cut behind the couple is from my Spellbinders collection! I have used that die quite a bit now! I was hesitant to buy it originally thinking it was more of a Valentine die, but this seems to work for wedding cards and anniversaries also!

Well, my sister liked her card so well that she asked if I could make a similar design for a wedding card that she needs for a wedding she is attending in August. However, I had to tweak the design and make it for two women getting married! I think this card turned out well also! Their wedding colours are green apple and purple. Although I didn't know what shade of purple was required! However, this Colour pallet still works with green and yellow! 

I must say that I am loving going into my room and finding just what I need without going to the store! It feels good to be using my stash! I have some great stuff and it is time to stop hoarding it and use it!

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