Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Nesting Activities

I haven't had my burst of energy to clean and clean and clean! But, I do have this instinct to take on organization projects that I have been meaning to do for quite awhile! 

These two drawers are from my kitchen. I took everything out of them. Cleaned them out, and then put shelf liner down inside of the drawers. I purchased the shelf liner at Dollar tree. One roll for 1.25. Excellent deal and better than that sticky stuff I used four years ago when we moved into the house! It prevents stuff from sliding around in the drawer, which is particularly of use in the Tupperware or plastic storage drawer! Everything is staying stacked and organized in there and it feels great to be organized. Hopefully it is something that we can maintain even after baby comes. 

I am currently looking for a solution for my utensil drawer. It is very deep and very difficult to keep utensils organized. Been looking on Pinterest. But, haven't found anything yet! Stay tuned!

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Scrapthat said...

Check out Ikea Rachel! They have deep and large dividers some are made of wood and I think some are plastic so they have ones that are more for the junk drawer stuff for large stirring spoons and ladles (wider and deeper boxes within) and then your standard knives and forks kind of ones.

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