Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Let's Get Crafty: Girl's Night Mini Album



I have been able to upload this video to Youtube! I have been meaning to do this for at least two weeks, but it didn't go as I planned. Unfortunately, my Windows Movie Maker isn't working. I did a lot of research and wasn't able to get it to work. First, when I tried to open the program it said that I didn't have proper system requirements, which was completely untrue. Second, I downloaded a different version, but then I wasn't able to import my flip video into that version as the file type wasn't supported. Then I tried all different free versions, but they aren't really free, as they are designed to encourage you to try it out and then pay if you like the parts of their version. I am  adamantly opposed to paying for something that worked properly with my computer and now has conflicts due to a Windows 7 upgrade.  ,But, I have been determined to return to my crafty videos. I researched software programs, but all the good ones were 100.00 or more. However, with baby on the way...this was not an option. So, then  I decided to try the Ipad route.  I also tried to upload just the raw video from my PC and it was going to be an all day task. I was willing to do this, but then my PC went into sleep mode and crashed the upload.

We already have an Ipad Camera connection kit. So, I tried putting the videos on directly onto my Ipad from my Flip camcorder. But, that took too much memory. So, then I thought that I could put the video onto my camera SD card and use the SD card attachment. Well, sure enough it worked. I did have to download the IMovie app for 4.99.But, that was more in my price range. Used a little fun money and a little investment for a technology challenge. Well, I got the video onto my ipad, and quickly was able to edit the footage and upload in less than twenty minutes. A substantial reduction in the time commitment with using my Ipad versus using a PC which was very exciting. So, you can see I have a completed youtube upload. The only downside is that I doesn't have that catchy tune that I normally use, or the video artwork that I spent hours designing and creating. However, my

However, my goal is to share more of my projects online. I have come up with a bit of a glitch, as I attempted to try my second video. But, I will figure out a solution! I am determined!

I can tell that I am a little rusty with talking and explaining, but the more I get back into sharing crafty videos the better fluency I will have with explaining my projects.

Thanks for joining me and reading my big long vent!

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