Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Homemade Graphic T-Shirt

So, my sister is getting married in September. This Saturday her bridal party is throwing a bachelorette party! That is if I don't go into labour before then. My part of throwing this party is having an appetizer and beverage party in our backyard. My sister went all out with the party that she hosted for me, and despite being less than a week from my due date, I wanted to return the gesture. We are going with a baseball theme. Batting cage, themed backyard party, Canadian Baseball game, and then a night out at pub. We are also having the bride an we bridal party dress up. 

I really wanted to get shirts for her. However, they are ridiculously expensive! At least 30.00 a shirt and that is only for one printed side. Not worth it being that it is something that we are only going to wear once! So, the DIY girl that I am I came up with a plan to make the shirts myself! This is what I came up with!

I bought the tank tops for 8.00 each. I already had the paint on hand! I used acrylic paint and the acrylic paint textile medium. I designed the text with my gypsy an used he cricut to cut out the template with contact paper that I bought  at the dollar store. I followed the mixture as outlined on the textile medium bottle. I used a foam brush to apply the paint. 

A great effect, that in my opinion does not look homemade. And a 22.00 savings per shirt! This saved me 88.00. (not that I would have ever paid that for the other shirts) 

I am looking forward to getting a picture of all of us in them!!

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