Wednesday, August 28, 2013

41 weeks + 1 Day

That's right...l am still pregnant. If nothing happens today, I am going to be induced tomorrow. Baby and I are both quite uncomfortable now I think! I have terrible bruising and stretch marks around my belly button for the baby stretching out. It has been painful. I wake up every time I need to roll over. Getting out of the bed and chairs is challenging, or simply going to pick up something like dishes out of the bottom rack of the dish washer. However, Andrei is a true blessing as he has really stepped up and helped! 

We put the final touches on the baby's room, so I thought I would post them here. The theme of the bedroom is owls. But, Andrei wanted to incorporate bulldogs as well! The baby change table is
vintage. It was made by my father 35 years ago for me. My sister was also changed on it too! We added the baskets and the top change pillow to help keep baby safe from rolling. The rocking chair is from my Grandma she didn't want it any more and so she gave it to us. The chest of drawers and the night table was my furniture from when I was 9 years old. I got my own bedroom set. The Owl lamp was a gift from my sister. The owl piggy bank was a gift from my Mom and Dad. The crib and bedding we bought new. The wall decal was purchased from Amazon. 

We areas ready as we can be for our first born. Now just waiting for the little one to cooperate.

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Scrapthat said...

CONGRATULATIONS Rachel and Andrei!!
The room looks simply beautiful!
Live in the moment- and soak every second in- for in the blink of an eye, in what seems like a day, your babe will be headed off to school. It REALLY does go just that fast.
All the best to you all.

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