Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baby Book and Project Life

So, I have been thinking about different ways to do a baby scrapbook. Do I get started early and make some pages ahead of time that I know I will use? Do I just go the simple route and buy a pre-packaged book like my mother made for me, which can be later put into a scrapbook? Do I make little mini albums? Or, do I dive Into project life and combine regular Scrapbooking with the project life style? Since I  take so many more pictures today with digital cameras, I need a way to document my baby's life without getting too overwhelmed! I want to have my baby's first year well documented, but I am also realistic that I am going to very busy caring for my new baby! As a first time mom I  don't know what to expect, but I want to be able to have some journaled memories and pictures together!

As these questions swirl around in my head, I decided to take charge and go to YouTube for videos, pinterest for samples, and my favorite message board two peas for the answer! What would we do without all these resources? I looked over the different ideas, and it looks like you can make project life as crafty or creative as you like or as simple as you like! There are many companies out there that are trying to appeal to this new wave of Scrapbooking! It started with WeRMemory Keepers and now Becky Higgins has paired up with American Crafts for a whole line devoted to project life. There is a version called SNAP, which is a mini version of project life! Finally, I discovered Me and My Big Ideas has there own project line! . And finally, there are a range of Smashbook products that can be integrated  into this new form of Scrapbooking! Smash is almost a retro look at Scrapbooking with new twists!  Now of course with everything Scrapbooking you can purchase kits and go to town using pre-made product. Or you can go the, I made it myself route! The premade route is a little challenging at the moment because everything is either all boy or all girl. My little bump at the moment is a surprise, so I am unable to plan ahead with gender specific colours! 

I went to Michaels yesterday the first time in over five months! I had discovered through my research that I would be able to access a lot of this product at Michaels! My husband was astonished how much time I had actually spent in the store! To be honest, I surprised myself! I was In there an hour discovering all the new goodies! 

So, I have decided to do a combination of project life style with regular Scrapbooking! I have decided to buy a bit of pre-purchased product that will work for project life, and make some of my own! I am going to go through the fabulous stash I have home, and pull items that will work well with project life! I am going to purchase the WeRMemory keepers pages from a friend of mine! She changed her mind with project life! I will be able to use these pages to get going on my project! I will buy a gender specific book after the baby comes! Or, possibly find a gender neutral baby book at my LSS! 

Here is a pick of the goodies I plan on using!

In this picture the owl glitter paper is for a picture frame for the baby's room.  I am going to pre-make a double 12x12 layout that will be framed in the room? The Mambi card pack and the pocket pages are for the project life book! The  k & Company baby papers were on clearance, so I bought both since I don't know what I am having! I am told that the smaller print papers are great for project life! So,I will use those stacks for project life or baby cards! Finally the stamps are cute and general and I thought they would be great for making project life pocket cards that I design myself! 

I am looking forward to this new crafty challenge and hope that I can share small aspects of it with you!

The pages I am using are the ones below titled WeR Memory Keepers!

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Georgiana said...

Good luck with your new project!

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