Monday, November 19, 2012

Upcoming Projects to Complete

Wow, I have come off the high of the craft fair. Now I am looking towards upcoming projects that I would like to work on and complete! It doesn't take long to stop and think of the many projects I am looking forward to. I began to make a list on my google tasks last night, but I thought it would be a good thinkg to post on my blog here, so I can encourage myself to be more accountable to this list. I hope that my faithful blog friends will hold me to this list! So I have an immediate list before Christmas, and then I have a list to work on during the holidays.

I also have a combination of paide and unpaid work.

Paid Work:
- Wedding Album (30 pages for one of my sister's coworkers)
- 3 different Christmas card designs (Prep 12 of them)

Projects for Me:
- Complete my own wedding album
- Mini Foldable scrapbook mini ablum
- scrapbook of dayds 65th birthday
- altered composition books.
- lemon grass mini album
- ongoing cards

Organizational Challenges:
- purge more items form my stash that I don't use.
- reorganize my Christmas stuff...
- reorganize my room.
- good dust and clean on the floors.

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