Monday, November 19, 2012

Yikes!! Only One Week Left of Summer Holidays

Wow...where does the time go! I know us teachers here in BC get 10 weeks of summer vacation. Many of my friends, family, and even my husband are envious of this time off. I sure have enjoyed it! July seems to go by quite slowly. July feels like you have the entire summer ahead of you, and then August hits....and all of a sudden the summer starts flying by! That definitely has been the case this year. The weather these last few weeks have been absolutely amazing. So, being outside is definitely the way to be spending the Hot days of summer.

With only two weeks to go...its time to start thinking about the things I wanted to do the most before summer ends. This includes both crafty time, as well as organization. My closet is just about reorganized...when I walk is hard to believe it is mine! It sure looks better with the the purge and some of the new clothes that I have added!!

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