Monday, August 20, 2012

Word Verification Removed

Pretty please!

Okay...I am slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I thought I had removed the word verification on my blog ages ago! However, a lovely poster persevered from Tiddly Inks to let me know, after three attempts I might that I had the word verification feature on my blog. Thankyou LoopyLou for letting me know that I had this on, and for commenting on my Tiddly Inks challenge card.

Now, let me tell you. I find word verification a pain in the....(fill in the blank here). I have tried to leave comments on other blogs, but give up if I can't get the word. And ironically, there could be followers out there, or visitors...who actually have done the same on my blog. Therefore, I wanted to make a comment to all of you out there in blog land who have tried to leave a comment, but have totally become frustrated here with this. It has now been removed...and hope that this may encourage a few of you to post now!

Thanks so much for your loyal visits!
I really do enjoy sharing my creations with you all!

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