Thursday, August 09, 2012

Four Completed Wedding Layouts

Yesterday, was my three year wedding anniversary! I can't believe we have been married for three years already! In some ways it has gone very fast, burin other ways it just seems like yesterday!

Unfortunately, Andrei had to work night shift so we couldn't celebrate yesterday! We will postpone a romantic evening in he future for our celebration! However, I didn't let the day pass without remembering this very special day! I went over to my Mom's house and I scrapbooks with her! It was a very productive evening! I completed 4 12x12 double layouts.

I continue to love using Alison Davis Sketchbooks! These were highly worth the investment! The pages are so individual but beautiful with the consistent look and colour scheme.

I have not been doing these pages in any chronological order! I have them organized well, and I know where they are going in the scrapbook. But, I chose pictures how I see fit! I find that this works well because I have been concerned about choosing to many of the same sketches. For example, two of these layouts used the same sketch. I like that they aren't in chronological order because I don't have to worry about every page looking exactly the same when they are spread out throughout the album. However, I put all the pages next to each other last night when they were created and really they don't look that similar when you change the papers, titles, and embellishments. Tell me what you think!

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Helen said...

Gorgeous photo's with lot's of happy memories congratulations on you wedding anniversary :-) xxx

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