Thursday, August 09, 2012

August Sketch Challenge

Well, I was sitting in my scraproom looking through all the scraps that I have saved as I create my wedding album. It was time to throw some of them out! However, some were just so pretty they needed to be used! So, I decided that I would get crafty tonight and thought I would create another wedding layout!

I saw these pictures, and thought I would scrap them! They are pictures that I will look back and think that Ii will never looked more beautiful than I did at that moment in time! I look at them now....three years later! So, I don't think that it will be any different in the future! From what I heard about age and beauty is that it doesn't get any better the older you get! You just get better coping strategies to look t the mirror and admire the reflection that you see!

This particular layout was inspired my a sketch that Janice posted online at the Canadian Scrap N Swap message board. It is a monthly challenge that my friend Lisa started, and Janice haas continued! You can see that I did have to alter it slightly because of the original size of my photos! But, I think I still stayed true to the sketch!

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