Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Preparations for Christmas Cards

So, I am organized and ready...I have done an assessment of my Christmas papers, and as you can clearly see by this photograph I clearly have a lot to work with! Oh my...I knew I had a drawer fill, but this is ridiculous! However it is spread out on my floor so I can see what I have. My intent is to use my stash. I have arranged to be in a craft fair in November! I will be selling my crafts at a local craft fair. I am excited to take this adventure again! My last one was successful, and I hope that my next one will be

I have strategized and I am very happy that I take pictures of everything because this allows me to revisit previous creations.i didn't track what I sold at the last one. But, I plan on doing that at this one! However I do recall some of the designs that sold quicker than others, so I will replicate a few of those designs. I will be posting my creations over the next few months as I prepare for the craft fair!

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