Monday, July 23, 2012

Paris Card : Thankyou

When cleaning up my room...I discovers or was reminded how many different unfinished projects that I have currently on the go! I decided the it was time to get them completed!! So I finished two cards, and boxed them up for the craft fair. I assessed what I needed to make for the craft fair! I have a whole bunch of items cut up for the craft fair to make when I have time! And chose some card designs. But, I also have three purse boxes on the go that I need to make six cards for. In hindsight I should have done three different designs and two repeats, but I took a more challenging route and have decided to make 6 unique designs. Making card sets in bunches is the best way to go, but this is the most crafty way to go!!

Anyways I have three designs now, and I am now currently searching my craft mojo for the next three.

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