Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Weekend Festivities

So...with a bug long weekend you always expect lots of things to do!! And this weekend is no exception!! We went out on Thursday Night to see My husband's parent's place. We visited the cute little puppies!

Friday I took a trip to the two scrapbook stores out in Langley. Wow...was that fun! I finally have some twine to play in my collection! I have all sorts of ideas what to create with it!! I visited my friend Gloria, and completely lost track of time chit chatting! I borrowed her dressform I am looking forward to some scrappy projects with those.

Saturday was a very exciting day of egg decorating! I know some people will say that it is for kids, but although that could be true! It is a great excuse for us family to get together and chuckle! We had pizza with my Mom and Dad who have since returned from Arizona! It is sure good to have them home again!

Sunday was a lunch out at my Oma's. The big bunch of us get together for laughs and memories. My Oma's care nanny has her own room and bathroom. There was chit chat to have a sign on her two rooms that say private. So, I made those up when I got home and then dropped them off on my way to Langley! Didn't make it to Micheals like I was hoping to get some craft cardstock, but I might get there yet before the weekend is out!

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Anonymous said...

Fun eggs, I love colouring them too. I love your privacy signs, so very pretty, I am sure the care aide loves them too


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