Saturday, February 18, 2012

12 x 12 Honeymoon Double Page Layout: Bus Trip

On a rainy, wet, and miserable day like it is here in my neck of the woods, there is nothing better to do than to enjoy some crafty time in my Pink Scrap Studio. I am absolutely loving it in this space today! I have been working on a whole bunch of different projects, and as well filming a few videos that I will be sharing over the course of the next couple of weeks. Today I was feeling restless and was contemplating getting out of the house and doing a little shopping. However, I know my car would drive me right to Micheals and I only have 11 days to go before my scrappy ban is over, and I don't want to relinquish my goal at this point! So, instead I decided to come into my room. Do a little tidying up and then do a little bit of creating! I started the crafty time off with a cute little 3D paper bird house. Then was that got me warmed up...I decided to do a video series for the Use Your Stash Haul. I shot the video for that, and expect that it will be airing on my you tube channel later this evening! I then creted a layout with that stash, and an accompanying video. Finally, I created this double page layout for my honeymoon album! It was a lot of fun to create! I am really enjoying using the Alsion Davis Sketches. This particular sketch is from book 8. However, I think I am going to need some 1 page sketches as well, so I am contemplating purchasing her two volumes when my scrappy purchase ban is over! This layout uses a Cricut Cartridge called Lualu. I was lucky to find this cartridge at Micheals for only 10.00. It is a very lite cartridge, but I knew those heads would be perfect for my Honeymoon Album!

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