Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cricut Sweet Toothe Box Cartridge with Cupcake Box

I was very excited to use my new Cricut cartridge the Sweet Toothe Boxes. It is a great cartridge with a whole bunch of fun cuts. The purpose of this box is to hold a whole bunch of different cupcakes. I bought this cartridge with Julie in mind. Since she loves to make all sorts of cupcakes. However, the boxes can be use for a whole bunch of other different purposes. For instance, this box was used as a small gift box for my Uncle Carl for his birthday. Our extended family doesn't exchange gifts anymore. But, I had to bring a little something as a gift. So, I filled the box with chocolate covered almonds. I followed all the directions in the book to make the box. Except I added a few of my own details including embossing the cupcake top. And then glittering the all the swirls. I thought it gave the cupcake a more realistic look. I then also put a ribbon around the base of the cupcake box for an extra added embellishment. In the future, I think I will add one of my stamped sentiments "Seize the Cupcake". But, for my first attempt I think it looks pretty cute.

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