Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ready...Crop - Paper - Scissors

This weekend at my Canadian Scrap and Chat Message board, our group is having an online cropping weekend! The theme of the online crop is Crop - Paper - Scissors. We all have a lot of fun on these weekends, as we are able to crop in our own spaces and get a lot of projects completed. We have fun challenges that we post with prizes and enjoy sharing our own creativity and the creativity of the others on the message board. So in preparation for this busy weekend of cropping...I have been online for the last two hours choosing sketches and photos for some layouts. I have enough photos for seven double spread 12 x 12 layouts. Two of the layouts will be my week three homework for the Alison Davis Sketch Class I am currently taking. I also got a little behind with the class too! So, I have week four readings, videos, and homework to do. However, I wasn't a fan of the sketch that was given to us. So, I may just take the concept taught in week four and apply it to one of the Sketches that I have chosen for one of the double 12 x 12 pages. I am having a blast in the class, and feeling really productive working on my wedding album!

Crop Goals This Weekend.
- Participate in Challenges.
- Complete Prepared 12 x 12 Layouts
- Get Caught up with Alison Davis Class
- Prep Flowers for Swap

Have A Very Scrappy Weekend!

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