Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Long Weekend

I can't believe that it is already Monday night. I just fed the dog, and now I am starting thing about getting ready for work tomorrow. Wow! Did this long weekend ever go fast!It was a restful busy weekend if that makes any sense, and I appreaciate them even more knowing that I have no coursework haning over my head. I was able to enjoy my weekend, even though my darling husband worked all weekend. I got lots of housework done on Friday before I headed over to my sisters to decorate Easter cookies with her Cricut cake machine. We are getting better with the fondant each time, although my sister would completely disagree with me! She is a perfectionist and thinks her machine isn't working properly! Ugggg....

Saturday was another day of puttering around and sleeping in, and then I headed over to my Aunt and Uncles to decorate Easter Eggs. It is a long tradition that we have....However, I am not sure if we had the artistic spirit as in other years, as near the end we resorted to using the plastic shrink wrap. But, they turned out great! I made a scrappy purchase at Walmart. There Cricut Lite cartridges are on sale in the flyer for 29.00. It was quite the ordeal to get them for that price becuase they weren't coming through the register at that Price. But, I bought two of them for 29.00 each after being very patient but persistent.. One of them is called Bloom, and the other one is called Hoot N Holler. THe Bloom is a very nice garden image one!

I headed home and did a bit of scrapbooking. My posts above will showcase some of the crafty projects that I worked on this weekend. Sunday was Easter Lunch at my Mom and Dad's. The whole Mulschlegel clan was there! We talked lots about Maverick and had a yummy brunch! Hey who ate all the cheese buns! LOL! I came home and worked on cleaning my scraproom once Andrei went to work. We couldn't take Redley for a birthday was too wet!

Today I slept in and then went up to Mom and Dad's to visit my Grandma. I gave her the Easter treats that we had made, and had a good visit! It is always such a busy family weekend! But, it was good to catch up! Now I have some tidying up to do in my scraproom, and then will take it easy before bed! I plan on watching some shows on the PVR!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend also!

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