Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Spring Break Adventures

Well, it is that pleasant time of year again at work! Report card time....but, although the anxiety is always swirling around me. I am really working hard to reduce and manage my own stress! I am going on independent lunch breaks, not getting caught up in the drama, and making sure to not take my work home with me! However, last term I was working on my report cards at school. However, I am trying to get all my marking done! So, no time this week to work on my report cards. So, with that in mind instead of fussing about it..I have chosen to commit some time this weekend to do work on them! But, what will keep me motivated is getting them done before Spring Break, and then my adventure to Yuma ArizonaJ for some sunshine, rest, and relaxation. I hope to also do some scrappy shopping with my Mom too! So, it will all come together! Just managing report cards until then!

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