Friday, February 11, 2011

February Friendship Tea pParty

I have wanted to through a tea party for quite awhile. But, didn't really have the time to do this. Then the idea of Friendship week at work twigged my mind to do a Friendship Tea Party, and have a Valentine theme since I am hosting this in the month of February. I googled tea parties and even googled Valentine Tea Parties and have found a wealth of ideas out there to help you out. Ehow has a series of videos to prepare for your tea party. I also found this fascinating blog that shares a person's love for tea and all the places that she has been all over the world for tea parties.

Now in my research I have learned that a High Tea like the one I will be hosting is usually held later in the afternoon. The suggested time was 3:30 or later as it is a supplement to dinner. I didn't realize this when I set the time of my tea, so I chose 1:30. I will be spending this week preparing for the evening. I have some things already to go, and an idea for place settings. I have more guests than I expected to have coming, which will make for a fabulous afternoon. This tea party will be a great way to reconnect with friends after three years of mayhem with course work. It will also be a fabulous way to bring my eclectic group of friends together.

The funny thing about this Tea Party is that a few people have asked if there will be tea to sell after this even because there seems to be a party circut going on where you are invited to a party and expected to buy something. I have recently been to a Norwex Party and a Stella&Dot Party. But, I wanted to throw a party where there was no obligation to purchase anything.


Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

sounds like it will be a most special afternoon

great idea

mow180 said...

A tea party is good for your soul! Looks like you did a lovely spread.

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