Sunday, January 02, 2011

My 2011 New Year's Resolutions

I find the New Year very exciting as there are all these possibilities and you have a fresh new year to look forward to all these possibilities! I am very excited to beginning 2011 without having to balance school, work, and fun! I just have work and fun to balance now, and I think this is going to make 2011 much easier than it was last year! That is something I am very thankful for because the end of 2010 was being very sick with the rest of the year catching up to me!

But, I am ready to move on and have so many ideas about how to be having a Fabulous 2011. Now, last year I didn't take the time to set official New Year's Resolutions and post them here on the Blog. I didn't do it because my husband talked me out of it because he doesn't believe in new year's resolutions because he sees it as something that is very difficult to maintain for the year and people tend to break them after the first month. But, in previous years where I set my New Year's resolutions, I quite enjoyed going through this process and felt it was worthwhile, so my hubby can do what he wants with goal setting and I am back this year to announce my 2011 goals. I have broken down my goals into two parts. My Lifestyle goals for 2011 and My Crafty Goals for 2011. This is to ensure that I can do both, and can be a little more specific in terms of Craft goals. So, I thought I would start with:

  1. My first goal for this year is to maintain balance between work and home life. I know this is something that we all struggle with, but 2010 was about focussing more on work and school than home stuff, and now it is time to enjoy the homelife by being better prepared with meal planning, grocery shopping, and housework. I know it is all something that we don't always enjoy, but I enjoy the home that we live in and I want to make sure I spend time enjoying it. I can best do this by taking care of the house and myself in the home!
  2.  Fitness is another area that I have neglected in 2010 due to coursework. This is something that is very important, and I would like to support my fitness goals in two ways this year. The first one being visiting Fitness World and taking group fitness classses, and the second way I would like to support my fitness goal is doing my Zumba fitness work out that my hubby purchased for me for Christmas. It is a whole bunch of fun dancing in the living room, and the 20 minute workouts are a great way to get some cardio everyday.
  3. House Organization. is the third and final goal that I am going to set for myself this year. This goal will be sorting through different boxes and odds and ends to purge wherever I can. I already started this before the new year, when I got rid of two garabage bags of clothes for donations. I also tied the spare bedroom, and it felt good to have it all organized. I would like to continue this spree by sorting through stuff in different areas of the house. I know this is often a January thing. But, I would like to do this throughout the year! Keeps clutter down to a minumum.

  1. I would like to do more 12 x 12 scrapbooking this year than I did last year. It will be easier to accomodate this because I have more time to sit down and create a layout or two where as before I didn`t have the same amount of time to do this, so I would make cards. But, now I have two albums that I would like to work oun. The first one being my wedding album, and the second one would be our honeymoon album. It would be great if I could finish both of these albums this year. But, I don`t want to get too ahead of myself! LOL!
  2. I would also like to continue with my goal of doing one crafty video a week. I have quite a few different ideas and themes, and look forward to creating and sharing these projects with you!
  3. The third and final goal, which I can`t even believe I am about to admit out loud, but I am going to take the plunge and put it here. But, I am going to be limititng the amount I spend on scrapbooking supplies. I have so many fabulous goodies to use here that I have bought, and it is time to get creating and use those supplies first. Now, that is not to say I am not going to buy anything this whole year because that is just too unrealistic, but I am going to make a reak point of going to my supplies first!
Well, when I sat down to do this post, I didn`t anticipate it would be this long to get all these ideas down. But apparently, I had a lot to say and think about. But, that is okay. This Blog has always been a way for me to journal my thinking and crafts throughout the year. Putting it out there for myself and others to refer to is way that helps me build accountability to myself!
Happy New Year!

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