Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Busyness" of September

Wow, I always seem to forget from one year to the next how busy September is. There is always so much to do.I usually feel pretty good once Thanksgiving hits because routines are in place and I feel more settled. I have lots of marking to do this week to get my writing assessments evaluated. Once those are done the reading assements are not that far behind me. So, I will get this all done as necessary!

I had a great opportunity yesterday to do a SMART Board workshop in Delta. I prepared to half day sessions. It was a lot of work, and of course I had to over prepare to feel good but I had such a great sense of accomplishment doing the workshop!

I made 11 cards for a co-woker at work. I was pretty excited to get a little money for the cards! So, I will put that aside to purchase a table at the craft fair. I am getting all excited about selling my creations there!

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