Sunday, June 20, 2010

Precious Memories Cupcake Card Class

Last Sunday. Wait a minute...this was already last week? I took a cardmaking class at Precious Memories in Langley. This was the first time that I had ever taken a card class like this before, but I figured that last Sunday would be a great day to do it considering I have been so busy with report cards and coursework.

This class was a great little getaway from everything that was going on. It was a 2 hour class and our instructor had everything all prepped for us. All we had to do was go, and sit and share materials. However, lets just say that some people do that better than others.

I really enjoyed this class, as it featured these Hampton Art Cupcake stickers. They are adorable little epoxy stickers. Despite the extra 20% off you get after taking the class I didn't buy any more because they were 5.99 a package. That is absoulutely outrageous. So, instead I will use my clear stamps, and go ahead an make those into little embellishments like the stickers were used in these cards. I do have 11 stickers left to use, and will make sure that I put them to good use.

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