Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Egg Colouring

This is a family tradition that we have been doing for I don't know how long! It is a lot of fun! We buy the egg decorating kits at the store, hard boil eggs, and then decorate to our hearts content. We always try to make eggs to celebrate important events. This year we had a Vancouver 2010 Olympic Egg, Retirement Egg for my Auntie Shirley, and a Graduation Egg for Me. Since this is the year I will graduate with my MEd.

We have lots of laughs making these in the process! However, we always seem to run out of steam at the end. And no longer use crayon and dye, we just use the dye. But, what fabulous colours we got using two tablets in each cup. This worked fantastic. We will enjoy these decorated eggs for Easter Lunch tomorrow at my Oma's.

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Scrapthat said...

Always great to see Adults Playing!!

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