Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Celebrations 2009

Andrei and I had a wonderful first married Christmas this year. We are developing new routines, and enjoying the time we had together. Andrei worked nights on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we had to work around his schedule. However, that did not interfere with having a wonderful time with friends and family.

Christmas Eve we headed over to Andrei's parents for our celebration. We had an early supper and opened presents and then Andrei headed to work at about 7:00. It was a fabulous time because Attila and Gabriela came for Christmas this year. So, we were able to chat and get to know each other much better.

Christmas Day Andrei returned from work. He slept and I headed off to my Mom and Dad's for brunch. Grandma was there and we chatted and spent quality time together. I returned home to spend time with Andrei. We had bubbly apple juice and opened our stockings by the Christmas tree. I sent Andrei off to work, and then I celebrated Christmas with the Mulschlegels. I missed turkey dinner this year, but was able to pull off a fun gift exchange and lead the turkey basters for a Christmas Sing Song. They were strong, as it must have been the extra performance at the wedding this year.

Boxing Day we celebrated the Sanderson Christmas. Grandma returned in the morning. We had a yummy brunch and then opened presents in the early afternoon once Andrei woke up from night shift.

Both families spoiled us, as we got some lovely gifts. I am pretty excited about my new craft toys, and can't wait to start playing with them. I will post some of my creations in the next couple of days.

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