Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Centre Piece

So, to have a centre piece or not have a centrepiece that is the question. For the past, six months, I have had an idea of what I want. But, unfortunately I have champagne taste on beer money.

But, I am a girl that loves challenges and I was almost about to give up today, until I went to Dollarama today. I needed to pick up two trellis for the clematis. So, once I had picked up the trellis. I went to the vase aisle... and I was so very surprised when I saw the style of vase that I was looking for! They had it, and it was within budget. So, I was able to track down the rest of supplies that I needed to make them at other stores, and low and behold I came up with something I am very happy with.

I know that people would have said how pretty it is without them. But, now these centre pieces will add my personal touch! I don't want to post pictures here of the items because I want it to be a surprise for the guests the day of the wedding. But, here are my inspiration pictures to give you a flavour of the overall design!


Karen H-K said...


I'm sure yours will be just as beautiful(probably more so)! It's great when things fall into place and within your budget. Have fun putting these together,
Karen H-K

Lisa G. said...

LOVE THEM!! Your so creative...I can't believe the wedding is so close...I remember when it was over a year!!

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