Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One More Class Left!

Halleluyah! I am so excited that I have one more Master's class left to go. This has been a grueling semester with the research project we are doing. Going out and collecting data and analyzing it ourselves, and then writing up the results has been a difficult task. To top it all off, it has been an added challenge when working in a group of four, which is currently doing the work with three people. But, that always seems to be be the way with group work I think. It ends up never being equitable no matter what you do. One of my many tasks this week was doing the further directions component. I have completed that. But, now I have a power point presentation to prepare that will use when we present the project to the class. I also have a one page reflection to complete, and a peer review. The peer review is the tricky part to do...considering the difficulties with one of my group members. I probably will procrastinate and leave that one to the end.

In terms of wedding projects to do today, I will be heading to the bridal shop with Sara to pick up her Bridesmaid Dress. I am looking forward to seeing the shoes she bought to wear with the dress. I need to go to Micheals to pick up some more Tulle for the pew bows, and I would like to go to the dollar store to pick up a few party favours that I am making. This is just a project to distract me from all the stress that is going on right now! It is wonderful to escape into my scraproom, and do a bit of creating.

Well, I better get back to the powerpoint. Take Care!

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