Wednesday, July 08, 2009

ONE Month To Go!

I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach, as I realized that today there is one month to go until the wedding. I just can't believe how close it is to happening. We hae been working on the pew bows concpet. The tuxedos have been chosen. The boys are going to look very good in their tuxes.

This mornings project of the day was getting the Father of the Bride all dressed in his suit. He needed his daughter's approval of the one that he picked out. He looked great. Then we picked the shirt, the tie, and we even convinced him to purchase a modern pair of shoes. He didn't go down with out a push with the shoes. But, he is going to look fantastic!

Then I had to try my dress and shoes on to make sure everything is fitting properly! It did! Julie did her dress fitting!

Then my friends Karen and Frances met for a lovley Greek dinner! It was a celebration of me getting married. As due to the timing of the wedding. They are unable to make it. But it was a fun evening! Good conversation, food, and company! It was a great day!

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