Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

It was a very lovely Canada here in our new house. We actually took some of the day off from house repair jobs. We went and sway my friends new baby at Riyal Columbia. Then we went to the mall to do a little shopping and pick up a few things. We bought a Canada Flag to fly at the house. It looked great in the front yard. It is great because we were even able to use one of our long painting tools that will work great for the pole in the future. It extends and everything. We set up our patio furniture in the back yard. We went up to Castle Park (less than a 5 minue walk) for fireworks. They were really good surprisingly.

We came back and Andrei did some painting in the kitchen. The cabinet trim, and boy does that look really good. This house is really going to look like a different house when we are done with it. Little by little it is becoming more and more our space and our home. He worked on them until 3 am. I was long in bed after that.

We continue to work on different projects. The Entrance way is just about done. One more coat to do. We will be replacing the garage door opener, as that broke the second day I used it. So, that will be nice to park inside very soon. My scraproom is coming together, and I can't wait to produce a second video of it. By far, this room is going to be my dream scraproom!


nscropper said...

Great pics ... you both look so happy. :) Sounds like the house is coming along smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys....glad to see you went to Castle Park for the fireworks...Dave and I went there a few times when we lived in Coquitlam too. They do a nice job. Your pics look good and how nice to be able to celebrate your first Canada Day in your new house.

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