Sunday, June 07, 2009

Phew....I am feeling like a machine!

The time goes by extremely fast when busy. This weekend once again has been no exception as I move from one activity to the next. Friday, afterwork I headed out to Langley to pick up my wedding band. It is very pretty, and I am very excited about having the band with my engagement ring. It is a very simple band, but looks so effective with the ring. Andrei picked out well. Than we tried to get Andrei's Dad's work truck going and cleaned, so that we could use it for the move. However, that was a little tricky because we couldn't get it working. We thought we might have to rent a truck instead of purchase one. But, the good news is Andrei's dad got the truck working, and it will be ready to use on Sunday during the "BIG MOVE".

Then I worked out some work stuff related to the SMART Board project my district is currently initiating. I was asked if I would give them my lit review for the ministry of education report. I said that I would, not realizing what I was agreeing to. However, thankfully, I was able to piece some things together to get it working.

Saturday morning I got up fairly early, and headed to the bridal shop with Sara and Julie to see the beautiful bridesmaid dresses. They look fantastic, a few minor alterations need to be done. But, that was to be expected. Then Julie, and I did a mall blitz trying to find bridesmaid shoes. It is tricky finding shoes that meet the criteria. No heels, white, and no toe thong. We found a few that looked pretty. But, the girls will have to check them out on their own. I might just tell them to find their own shoe to wear.

Then after shopping. I came home and worked on report cards. I got quite a bit done. I only have the Social Studies and Science comments left to do. However, I have to mark the Social Studies before I can do that. I will do that a little later.

I was exhausted by that time, and then I had a surprise visit from Andrei. We were able to catch up about the events of the day.

Sunday morning I was up early (7:30) to do my course readings before my group met at 9:30. We were able to get some stuff done. We worked for two hours together, and then I worked for 3 hrs on my own. Julie and dad stopped by to pick up one of the countertops, and then I continued on my course work and then report cards. My back got sore from sitting all that time. So, I decided to clean the BBQ, so that it is already to move next weekend. My my is that a dirty job. I am taking a break now, as I head up to Mom and Dad's for dinner. Will have a quck visit, and enjoy some sunshine, and then I plan to return to report cards, so that I can get the bulk of that all complete.

I am not too sure I will post in the next little while, as it will be moving time.

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