Monday, April 13, 2009

Our BIG News!

I have been bursting at the seems to post this BIG event on the Blog. I have waited until now to make this big announcement because we wanted to have all of our family know at the same time. This past Easter Weekend, Andrei and I made the big announcement. So, now I can announce the BIG BIG news here on the Blog! We bought a house! Wow! I can't even believe it when I say it let alone write about it here. Over Spring Break, we had looked at over 25 houses in the Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam area. We pretty much new what was all for sale in our price range. We came across this house on the first day. But, when we looked at it we thought it was out of our price range, and was something we couldn't afford. However, the circumstances were right for this current situation. The sellers were eager to sell, and our realtor negotiated a fabulous price for us. It is located in Citadel Heights in Port Coquitlam, we have a goregous view, and are close to schools. It is a three bedroom house. The best thing of all is that Andrei gets is Man Room, and I still get a scraproom (the den). Plus, two spare bedrooms for company or later family additions. I am already beginning to plan the organization of the new scraproom. But, have a big job ahead of me to begin packing up all my belongings here. But, I have lots of support from Andrei, so things will get done one step at a time.

1 comment:

nscropper said...

Congrats ... it looks like a beautiful home in a beautiful area.
gotta love it when you can have a scrap room :)

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