Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy as Usual!

Is it no any wonder that I can stand at times? Well, to be honest I don't know how I do it. But, this weekend is currently another busy one! I have been cleaning up the place, packing up odds and ends that I won't be needing, and as well trying to complete wedding projects. I have my hands full. But, class starts in about a week and a half, so I want to have things done, so that I am ready to go back to school. My strategy with work right now, is to plan the Science unit now that I will be doing, so that I don't have to do much more creating with planning. But, it is hard to do because I love creating new units for my class. So once that is done I am ready for the end of the year.

On the wedding front, I am continuing with figuring out the decoration status. I got a great deal on some decorative stones for my guestbook table centre piece. I have designed my number cards for the tables, and I am just figuring out what to do with the cake topper. I was going to have my cousin's friend make me one. But, unfortunately she never returned my call. So, I thought that I would try my own. But, I don't want to post those details, so it is a suprise on the day of the wedding. So no early bird peeks! I also am currently putting a card box together with cards for my sister. She said she would rather pay me to make cards rather than buy them at the store. I am giving her a family discount. The card box isn't quite done, but I will post when complete. I also have been busy making cards this weekend. Some went into Julie's box, and some I turned into gift sets. However, I am needin more plastic for these gift sets. It is reuded from other cards, but I need some more. They make the cards look so professional!

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nscropper said...

wow ... you are busy. i don't know how you do it either. lol
fantastic cards ... love all of them. :)

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