Friday, December 12, 2008

Phew! It is the Weekend!

Well, I thought this time would never come! No coursework, no report cards, and time to just come home and enjoy the season! It has finally come and it couldn't come more sooner. I handed my report cards earlier in the week, and I am just waiting to get them back. I received some fantastic feedback on my final term project from my course. Now, it is the weekend and I am ready to clean the house and decorate. I have been a lttle scrappy through this as well, but I would like to be more scrappy as the week goes by in the evening. I have completed my Christmas Cards, and they will be in the mail this weekend. So, I hope everyone gets them before the holidays. Well, I have quite a bit to do, as I am having Sara, Dave, and the kids over for dinner tomorrow night. So, i better get back to work!


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