Sunday, December 21, 2008

Passing Time with all This Snow

Well, here in Vancouver the snow is crazy. It hasn't stopped. However, I have been cozy in my apartment all afternoon. I have been enjoying my down time in my scraproom. I have been continuing the scrap to clean strategy that I was using earlier in the fall. It works, but it really causes me to mess up my entire scraproom again. However, I do enjoy posting to show the fruits of my labour. I made these four thank-you cards and a package to go with them. I am having a lot of fun doing this, and I get so much great feedback from them as well that I like to do it. The plastic packaging is recycled from a friend of mine who has been saving them for me from cards she purchased at Costco, so if any others out there would like to save them for me I would greatly appreciate it! There could be a nice set of cards delivered your way as well for your generosity!

Thanks for looking!

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