Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mountie Christmas to You!

Can you guess what store my sister shopped at this year!

Well, Christmas Day was a lot of fun! The Sanderson Family Christmas was a little different this year due to the fact that my Grandpa was not with us. But, we continued on with some of the same celebrations that we have had in the past! The one difference in the tradition was the fact that the family Christmas Tree is downstairs because the new furniture that Mom and Dad got this year. But, it was cozy downstairs as well. I enjoy looking at the Christmas Tree! Well, the idea this year was that we were cutting down on presents this year, but you would not have known it by all the parcels that were under the tree this year. Wow were there ever a lot. I was spoiled. I received some fantastic scrapbooking goodies including:
Cricut Jukebox
Tinkerbell Cartriage
New Arrival Cartriage
Mikey Font Cartriage
Stretch Your Imagination Cartriage
Joys of the Season
Martha Stewart Glitter Pack
Canucks Jersey
RCMP Sweatshirt
RCMP T-Shirt
Stocking Stuffers

We had a delicious Turkey Dinner that Mom made.! It was a fun Christmas and it was so wonderful to have Julie home for the holidays. That song is certainly true!
There is no place like home for the holidays. I can't wait to have her home for good!

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