Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Bye Sista!

Well, my sister went back to Saskatchewan yesterday to finish off her last 19 days of training. Her visit was very fast... but the good thing is that I know she will be home again very shortly. I will be heading to her graduation ceremony on January 17th. I am looking forward to it...I have heard that it is very specatcular! Just not crazy about how cold that it might be there.

Well, I have been busy in my scraproom working away at organizing. It is an absolute disaster at the moment. I took everything out of all my storage units to sort, get rid of, and organize. I am trying to make it better accessible, so that I put things away better after I use it, but that it is still easily accessed so that I actually use things in my stash. Well, I will see how that all goes.

I made a few creations in my room, as my reward is to make a few little things. Here are some of the projects I completed.

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