Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day Christmas

Well, I have so many different things to share about the holidays that it I had to spread it over different blog posts because it was too much to put all in one post. (Besides I am not sure everyone would read all what I had to say!) Hee Heee! Well, Christmas Celebrations continued as we all gathered up to take a ferry ride to my aunt Jo-ann's place on the Island. She had it beautifully decorated, and we had a fun time! The Sanderson's just stayed for the day because Julie wanted to be back for visits with friends, and doing the odd errands that needed to be done.

We had a lovely time. My Aunt always goes over the top when preparing a dinner. She cooked a Turkey and Roastbeef, and who could not forget those tasty Yorkshire Puddings. So fluffy! Yummy!

We did manage to get the Turkey Basters to get out and sing...that is always is good for a chuckle. It was a busy travelling day, but it is always special to get together with family over the holidays.

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