Monday, October 06, 2008

Saying Good-Bye to Grandpa

Well, this past weekend was a difficult one for the Sanderson's as we had to say good-bye to my dearest Grandpa. He was such a jokster who saw the best in everyone. I have very fond memories of spending time with my Grandpa. From sleepovers, camping trips, and many special moments over the years. He was the one who told me my first "dirty" joke. Now, I was only seven years old or so, and didn't really get the play on words with "dirty". He started it out, "Hey Rach, do you want to hear a dirty joke?" All innocent I said sure why not! Well, A white horse fell in the mud. Well, both of us were laughing in stitches. It wasn't until I was much older that I got the play on words, but it was still fun laughing with Grandpa! He always had a jolly spirit. He continuted with "Rach, do you want to hear a real dirty joke?" Three white horses fell in the mud! Once again we were laughing in stitches!. I will remember the many games of Kings in the Corner, while camping in the motor home. His enthusasium for dancing, and his encouragement in having me attend the dances and taking me for a few spins along the dance floor. I am happy that he was able to meet my future husband, but I am sad that he won't get to dance at our wedding like he has promised me so many times. But, I will make sure to have some dances for him!

As part of a special tribute for my Grandpa's ceremony, I made this brief video tribute. I wanted to capture my Grandpa's spirit and the families fond memories of him. He was a man of many one liners, and the video is a tribute to him.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

I'm sorry to read about your Grandpa. It's lovely that you have such happy memories of him though, and especially ones of you and him laughing together. It's never easy saying goodbye. Take care !
Karen H-K

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